Why I'm Running for New Hampshire Senate


My name is Roger Tilton, and I am running for New Hampshire Senate District 11 (Merrimack, Amherst, Milford, and Wilton). I want to help lead New Hampshire in a new direction, with common sense public and economic policies that will stimulate the job market, encourage new industries to take root in our state, and stem “youth flight,” where our young people leave the state, looking for good jobs with better wages than they can find locally.

I believe that putting the success of small business ahead of global corporations is essential for the health of our local economy. I know that a living minimum wage drives demand to New Hampshire's businesses, and that our state’s lack of a living wage is harming local business growth. I am running for Senate to preserve workers’ rights to form and/or join unions, and to develop means of organizing that fit new labor models created by technologies such as Uber.

It seems that New Hampshire has become a favorite target for those attempting to place undue burdens and restrictions upon safe, legal medical procedures that apply only to women. Similar forces are attacking equal marriage, for no good reason. I am running because I respect the right to privacy in affordable, accessible health care, and that all families are part of our communities. I am a champion of civil rights and equal protection.

I am running for Senate because New Hampshire is the only state in New England that puts people in jail for simple marijuana possession. In March, Jeffrey Pendleton spent five days in a Manchester jail for a joint; we know of his case because he died in jail of a fentanyl overdose. We need to move past the ineffective “war” posturing--it fails to keep fentanyl out of jails, much less kids’ hands. We must treat drug use as a public health matter, and that calls for public health solutions, first. Dealer busts do not reduce demand, adequate treatment and prevention resources do.

Our great-grandchildren deserve to be left a clean environment, uncontaminated drinking water, unpolluted rivers, and an environmentally-balanced infrastructure that we build for them. That includes developing local, green energy sources such as hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, and wind, throughout New Hampshire. As part of our greener future, I am running because light rail provides mobility for workers, shoppers, students, and travelers, and it stimulates local economic activity.

I am running because I have seen the benefits of legal cannabis markets in Washington and Colorado. Why not New Hampshire? Our state already sanctions and profits from alcohol sales. With our philosophy of “Don’t tax me, tax the guy behind the tree,” this makes sense. We have been ranked in the top 10 U.S. states for marijuana consumption for most of the past twenty years, and we have already experienced all the negative outcomes. With legalization, we can also experience the positive ones of increased economic activity, cannabis tourism, a new industry and the jobs that come with it, and declining teen use and opioid overdose. Revenues may be channeled into improving schools and funding opioid treatment resource centers.

I am running for New Hampshire Senate because the current District 11 Senator does not represent what most voters in the district value. Thank you in advance for your vote on November 8.

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